Organization_About Us_中国民用航空局国际合作服务中心


  • Office of General Affairs

    1. Assist ICSCC leaders to handle daily administrative affairs and provide supporting services for ICSCC leaders;
    2. Organize and coordinate ICSCC Director General’s meetings, ICSCC executives’ meetings, monthly middle management meetings, annual working meetings, and other ICSCC administrative meetings; record and distribute meeting minutes, etc.;
    3. Assist the drafting of important documents, and provide constructive recommendations to help ICSCC leaders in the decision-making;
    4. In charge of the administrative management of ICSCC, and oversee the implementation of major decisions and issues;
    5. Process, manage and process official documents;
    6. In charge of confidentiality issues, fire prevention, traffic safety, network and information security;
    7. In charge of foreign affairs management of ICSCC, and store the personnel passports and travel documents of ICSCC leaders and officials;
    8. Keep the official seals of ICSCC;
    9. Provide logistic support in ICSCC;
    10. Review employee salary, monthly performance related compensation, year-end bonus, subsidies, social insurance, housing provident fund, etc.;
    11. In charge of daily management such as employee recruitment, hiring, resignation, dismissal, retirement and attendance, vacation/leave, monthly performance appraisal, etc.;
    12. Recruit personnel for management posts at level 7 and below as well as technical posts, and organize candidate of ICSCC for the appraisal of professional ranks and titles;
    13. Statistics related to personnel, labor wages, and the budgeted posts;
    14. Organize staff training;
    15. Manage fixed-assets;
    16. Allocate assets, organize government procurement, and collect procurement information;
    17. Organize purchase outside the centralized government procurement catalog or below the purchase baseline of government procurement;
    18. In charge of housing related issues of ICSCC staff;
    19. Handle the letters and visits from the masses; and
    20. Undertake other work assigned by ICSCC leaders.

    Person in charge:Wang He
  • Office of the Party Committee

    1. Assist the Party Committee of ICSCC in the study and implementation of party theories, guidelines, and policies, and put into effect the deployment of higher-level Party Groups; responsible for the daily work related to the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party;
    2. Coordinate, oversee and inspect the implementation of decisions and deployment made by the Party Committee of ICSCC;
    3. Prepare and organize meetings of ICSCC Party Committee; record and distribute meeting minutes;
    4. Assist ICSCC Party Committee in carrying out surveys, collect the feedbacks of officials and staff on Party work and their ideology to provide constructive recommendations for the decision-making process of the Party Committee;
    5. Draft and manage ICSCC Party Committee documents, and put those documents on record;
    6. Assist ICSCC Party Committee with work related to party-building; organize study and training among Party members and officials; in charge of Party-wise statistics, and the relation transfer of Party members;
    7. Guide, oversee, and inspect the daily party-building work of ICSCC Party branches;
    8. Keep the Party seals of ICSCC;
    9. Assist Party organizations and personnel departments of higher level to inspect and assess leaders and officials, and organize democratic assessment;
    10. Support the selection and appointment of ICSCC division-level officials;
    11. Organize and undertake the yearly evaluation, rewards and punishment of ICSCC officials;
    12. Keep the personnel files of ICSCC officials, and organize the reporting of personal matters of leaders and officials;
    13. Assist the ICSCC Commission for Discipline Inspection with oversight, discipline enforcement and accountability;
    14. Establish and build clean governance files of Party members and officials;
    15. Assist the ICSCC Party Committee to guide the activities of the Youth League;
    16. Assist the ICSCC Party Committee to guide the activities of the labor union; and
    17. Undertake other work assigned by organizations of higher level and ICSCC leaders.

    Person in charge:Cao Chunhui
  • Division of Finance

    1. Draft the financial rules and regulations of ICSCC, and oversee the implementation;
    2. Responsible for ICSCC financial budget management; organize the drafting and report of ICSCC annual financial budget; coordinate the implementation of financial budget, and in charge of its statistics reports;
    3. Review ICSCC financial accounts to truthfully reflect the financial status of ICSCC, and develop monthly and annual financial statements; in charge of annual final accounts;
    4. In charge of the fund management of ICSCC; manage cash, securities, and legal seals; monitor bank accounts and funds; make reasonable planning of funds;
    5. Review ICSCC expenditures; issue paychecks and bonuses, as well as daily payments and expense reimbursement;
    6. Review ICSCC incomes; receive payments and issue invoices, and urge ICSCC departments to collect receivables;
    7. Manage ICSCC tax collection; in charge of tax declaration and payment;
    8. Monitor the capital flow, business activities, revenues and expenditures of ICSCC, and in charge of financial analysis;
    9. Audit the annual financial report of ICSCC, and the final settlement of income tax; assist organizations of higher level with financial inspections and audits;
    10. Organize internal controls in ICSCC, and develop the annual report on internal control;
    11. Keep and put ICSCC accounting documentation on record; and
    12. Undertake other work assigned by financial organizations of higher level and ICSCC leaders.

    Person in charge:Liu Shanglan
  • Division of International Cooperation and Exchanges (The Belt and Road Office of CAAC)

    1. Build international exchanges and cooperation platform for China’s civil aviation on commission, including but not limited to China-US Aviation Cooperation Programs (ACP) and China-EU Aviation Partnership Project (APP); participate in the design, coordination, and implementation of platform projects; serve as the secretariat of the cooperation platform and in charge of the daily work;
    2. Assist the international cooperation and exchanges of China’s civil aviation; undertake the functions of the Belt and Road Office of CAAC; provide assistance to lay down the annual work planning, promote and see to its implementation;
    3. Organize or undertake domestic and international civil aviation conferences and exhibitions to showcase the achievements of China’s civil aviation, and provide service for the international cooperation of China civil aviation;
    4. Make plans and organize training in the international cooperation platform to help China’s civil aviation to go global needs;
    5. Follow and analyze the trends of civil aviation development in countries and regions along the Belt and Road, and publish national and regional research on a regular basis;
    6. Carry out research on international cooperation, major issues, policies and regulations in civil aviation to promote the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, and provide theoretical support for relevant policy development;
    7. Assist CAAC in carrying out related work with ICAO, IATA, and other multilateral organizations, and participate in China’s civil aviation safe internationalization strategy;
    8. Provide intellectual support such as analysis reports and policy recommendations for local governments for their development of regional civil aviation development plans and major civil aviation internationalization policies;
    9. Provide information, policies, regulations and other consulting services for civil aviation-related enterprises to develop international strategy, domestic and overseas investment, and international market expanding;
    10. Update and manage the ICAO database; and
    11. Undertake other work related to bilateral and multilateral international cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative assigned by CAAC.

    Person in charge:Liu Jing
  • Division of Foreign Affairs

    1. Provide support and information services for CAAC to guide, oversee, and inspect foreign airlines and airlines of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions;
    2. Preview the applications of foreign airlines to set up representative offices; assist in the certification and licensing, and provide consulting services;
    3. Preview the applications of airlines from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions to set up representative offices; assist in the certification and licensing, and provide consulting services;
    4. Preview and process the applications of foreign airlines for operating permits of scheduled routes, and provide consulting services;
    5. Review and put on record the names of Chinese crew members employed by foreign airlines, as well as crew members from China’s Mainland employed by airlines of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions;
    6. Send invitation letters to foreigners invited by CAAC for them to apply for entry visa;
    7. Accept and process applications of CAAC personnel going abroad on business trips for passports, visas, and “letter of entrustment”;
    8. Accept and process applications of CAAC personnel going abroad on business trips for the exit-entry permits and endorsement for travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao;
    9. Keep, collect and deregister passports for public affairs, exit/entry permits for travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao, and exit/entry permits for travelling to Taiwan with endorsement for public affairs processed by ICSCC;
    10. Manage, use, maintain and promote the management system of civil aviation passport and visa for public affairs;
    11. In charge of the daily management, use and maintenance of the ICSCC vehicle for passport and visa business; and
    12. Undertake other work related to foreign affairs assigned by CAAC.

    Person in charge:Hou Xiaolu
  • Division of Compilation and Translation

    1. Translate the publications and meeting documents commissioned by ICAO;
    2. Promote ICAO publications and in charge of their distribution in China;
    3. Cooperate with ICAO in fields such as the secondment of translators and interpreters;
    4. Undertake translation and interpreting services commissioned by CAAC and other civil aviation entities;
    5. Undertake translation-related international cooperation and exchange projects of CAAC departments;
    6. Undertake the editing, translation, publishing and distribution of China Civil Aviation Annual Report;
    7. Translate the official websites of CAAC and ICSCC into English;
    8. Undertake the editing, translation, publishing and distribution of materials related to international aviation commissioned by CAAC, ICSCC, and other civil aviation entities;
    9. Interface with English experts within the civil aviation industry; keep in contacts with the Translators Association of China and take part in relevant activities of industry associations;
    10. Organize and carry out civil aviation-related English training; and
    11. Undertake other tasks assigned by ICSCC leaders.

    Person in charge:Wang Kanlin
  • Division of Research in International Air Law

    1. Conduct research on the legal subject matters in China’s civil aviation diplomacy and the development trend of international air law;
    2. Conduct research on China’s guidelines and policies for the development of international civil aviation relations;
    3. Carry out research on international law and international air law commissioned by competent departments of CAAC;
    4. Participate in international air law conferences; take part in and organize research, negotiation, signing and ratification of international civil aviation conventions, treaties and agreements;
    5. Participate in and study legal issues in multilateral affairs among China and international organizations in the field of civil aviation, and provide legal advices and reports to the competent departments of CAAC;
    6. Participate in civil aviation-related cooperation and exchanges between Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions; conduct research and handle civil aviation law and policy issues related to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions;
    7. Carry out research commissioned by civil aviation entities and local governments; study the guidelines, policies and legal issues related to industrial development, and propose policies and legal suggestions for the development of the civil aviation industry;
    8. Participate in the legislation of the civil aviation industry, as well as the drafting, amendment and annulment of civil aviation laws, regulations and rules;
    9. Undertake training on international civil aviation conventions, law and regulations;
    10. Review the legality of the contracts of ICSCC; and
    11. Undertake other work assigned by relevant departments of CAAC and ICSCC leaders.

    Person in charge:Zhao Jinsong
  • Division of International Professionals

    1. Conduct research on related issues such as ICAO personnel system and code of conduct;
    2. Carry out analysis on the human resource and requirements of ICAO;
    3. Follow up and release the recruitment information of international organizations such as ICAO in a timely manner; and
    4. Carry out training on ICAO-related know-hows, administrative operations, and cross-cultural exchanges.

    Person in charge:Wang Shan